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The ninth Festival Fantastika is over. We are rather exhausted right now but there’s some very important stuff we need to tell you, so here we go:

…to our volunteers

Your hard work and your dedication are the pillars on which this festival stands. If we could put you on a stage for all the visitors to see, we would. So you could get the recognition you deserve.

…to the artists

Your performances were a pleasure to watch – even though we had very little time for that. It was wonderful having you. And the kind words some of you said to us about the festival caused us goosebumps.

…to the people working at the municipality

You‘ve supported us at every step of the way. You did a lot of work and you were always willing to help, even though we had a lot of questions 🙂

…to the audience

You were simply wonderful. Your joy, your amazement and your laughter is what we’re doing this for. And we’ve heard you laughing a lot.

To all of you, who helped us organizing this Festival Fantastika:

With all our heart: Thank you!

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