A fantastic birthday.

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We’ve celebrated an an amazing and wonderful 10th birthday with you. When we look back on those last two days, we still get goosebumps. It was simply fantastic.

It’s past time to say thank you. And at the end we’ll tell you about the future of Festival Fantastika.

But first the thank you: Our first thank you goes to our volunteers. It’s amazing, how hard you work.

A festival this big would not be possible without the support of the city. There are so many wonderful people there, that we cannot name every single one: Our first thank you goes to the mayor Elisabeth Paruta-Teufer, who puts the whole city in our hands for two days. But there’s also her team: Silvia, Brigitte, Sabrina, Katrin, Karl, Martin and Martin and everyone else: Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

A very special thank you to the workers of the city and to their boss Werner Eibensteiner: They always tell us, that what they do is no big deal. We disagree: You are angles in orange clothing.

Dear Artists, you are unbelievable.

The festival wouldn’t make any sense without you guys. We are really happy, when you enjoy festival fantastika. Your performances make our hearts beat faster and your wonderful feedback makes us feel warm inside.

And of course: Many thanks to the people, who visit our festival. We love it, wenn you laugh. That’s what we’re doing this for.

And last but not least: Many thanks to our supporters, who help us making this possible.

A peek in the future.

You might already have heard it but now you’re hearing it from us: After 10 fantastic years festival fantastika will take a break next year. We want to recharge our batteries and gather new ideas. And in 2020 we will start again with renewed energy to make Freistadt colorful-

We’re quite tired now and need to relax. We hope, you’ve enjoyed this years festival and we would love to see you again at the 11th Festival Fantastika.

Your Fantastika Team.
Bianca, Rebekka, Tom and Stefan.

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