Every year top-artists and musicians from all over the world get together in Freistadt to present their skills at “Festival Fantastika”. The historic old town of Freistadt gets transformed into a stage for clowns, jugglers, acrobats, musicians and fire-artists. Festival Fantastika is organized by Cultureclub CharismART and is supported by the city of Freistadt.

General Information – Festival Fantastika 2020

The Festival takes place on Friday, 3rd and Saturday, 4th of July 2020 in Freistadt.

Apply until 1st of March, 2020

That’s the deadline for applications. We need the filled out form (see below). Please provide us with links to photos, videos, soundfiles and your website. You’ll find some fields for that in the form.


We will inform you until 1st of April 2020, whether we can accept your application or not. After that, we’ll send you a contract to fill out.

Board and lodging

The accommodation on Friday and Saturday will be in a vocational school. Breakfast is included. Artists, who arrive on Thursday can sleep in youth hostel. Breakfast is also included.

Reimbursement of expences

Artists will receive reimbursements for their travel expenses up to a maximum of EUR 200,- per group.

Daily allowance: EUR 25,- per person per day.

Hat money: Artists retain the money they take at their show. We will provide visitors with a possibility to change their money and we provide information about the necessity of giving hat money in all our printed products and our advertising.

Please note, that we do not provide any equipment, especially no amplifiers.

Festival times

Friday: 3.30 pm – 11.30 pm
Saturday: 3.00 pm – midnight

Artists must arrive by 12 o’clock on Friday

Artists can perform 2 or 3 times a day.

We arrange a party on Saturday night for artists and helping hands.

We are looking forward to your coming to enchant the city.

Important Information
If you get a booking after you’ve applied, please let us know. It would make life so much easier for us 🙂
You need to bring your own equipment. Cultureclub Charismart does not supply equipment, especially no amplifiers.

Application-Form for Artists

Fields marked with are mandatory
Artist- or Groupname
Person to contact
I / we participate on
Number of group members
Nationality of group members
Artist in the Group (please add name, nature of participation and nationality for each member of your group)
Add a brief description of your current show/act - This text will be used in the program folder, on our website and our facebook-page. Please supply your text in English or German.
Type of act

If you chose "Other", let us know what it is:
Do you need a fixed spot for your performance (e.g. aerial acts with long setup-time)? Then please describe your equipment
Do you use fire or pyrotechnics?
Space requirement (square meters). The floor throughout the city is made of cobblestone. Just so you know 🙂
Do you use amplification?
Do you need electricity?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how loud is your show? (1 = silent, 5 = very loud music)
Are there any other details about your show we should know about?
Please enter direct links to videos and pictures of your show. And please make sure, that all the links are really working.
I / we need accommodation on
Arrival byCar (kilometers)
Arrival by public transport (expenses)
(Maximum refund: EUR 200,- per Group)
Place from which you travel to Festival Fantastika
You want to send us something? (1 File, max. 2MB)
Anything else you want to tell us?
The final decision about whether or not we can accept your application will be communicated via email by April, 1st, 2020. KV Charismart and the city will accept no liability for damage of property or persons in connection with the activities of the street artists at the festival.
I agree to the conditions mentioned above the form

Newsletter for Artists:

If you want to apply for Festival Fantastika, please subscribe to our artist newsletter. We’ll inform you as soon as the application is open again.